Women In Action But Not 'Wonder Woman'
Thursday, 29 December 2011 02:45

Today, if we talked about woman,it should be related to every aspect of human life. Women in the 21st century are not only as housewives, but have strategic and important positions in jobs such as nurse, teacher, doctor, director, and even at the top level in government as president or prime minister. The mindset about women has changed, but we should keep in mind and recognize the most important women’s role that is of a mother and a housewife.

The Third Country Training Program on Education for Computer Based Industrial Automation, Electronic Engineering Polytechnic Institute of Surabaya, October 6th – 28th 2011
Thursday, 15 December 2011 07:13

The closing ceremony of the Third Country Training Program (TCTP) on Education for Computer Based Industrial Automation was held on October 28th 2011, attended by the representative from JICA Indonesia Office, Mrs. Fitri Arifin; the representative from the Ministry of State Secretariat of the Republic of Indonesia, Mrs. Rika Kiswardani and Ms. Pratiwi Larosa, all the participants and the organizing committee. The TCTP was officially closed by Mr. Aries Pratiarso, as the Vice Director of Electronic Engineering Polytechnic Institution of Surabaya (EEPIS), and also present Mr. Ali Ridho Barakbah, as the steering committee chairman. On the closing ceremony, one of the participants also gave a speech regarding the TCTP that held on the last 28 days, Mr. Mwangi Kenneth Kimani, from Kenya.

Training Course of Artificial Insemination on Dairy Cattle, Singosari National Artificial Insemination Center, September 26th – October 23rd 2011
Thursday, 15 December 2011 07:06

Training course of artificial insemination on dairy cattle for developing countries was held by the Singosari National Artificial Insemination Centre (SNAIC) from September 26th until October 23rd 2011. The training was followed by 19 (nineteen) participants from 11 (eleven) countries; Sri Lanka (2), Kenya (1), Sudan (2), Afghanistan (2), Lao PDR (1), Bangladesh (2), Cambodia (2), Myanmar (2), Vietnam (2), Timor Leste (2) and Palestine (1). Through this training course the participants were expected to upgrade and improve the knowledge and technique of inseminator among developing countries and also to give the opportunity to the participants exchanging ideas, information and experience among them.

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