Strengthening the Capacity of Tumba College of Technology, Rwanda 15 February – 24 March, 2011
Wednesday, 14 December 2011 04:21

The purpose of dispatching an Indonesian expert is to improve the academic activities of the ET Department of TCT, support the development of training and procurement plan for the ET department, and enhance their capability on advanced application of C programming related to Microcontroller.



At the end of the dispatching of the Indonesian expert, the Electronics and Telecommunications staff are expected to be able:

§  To explain how to make a program in computer;

§  To explain fundamentals of microcontroller, simple i/0 port, and serial communication port,

§  Able to explain fundamentals of microcontroller, simple I/0 port, and serial communication port,

§  Able to explain and make a programme using CodeVisionAVR, for accessing device connected to a microprocessor,

§  Able to explain all circuit line tracer robots and make programming for controlling the robot.


The mission was done by an Indonesian expert, named Mr. Sigit Wasista from EEPIS (Electronics Engineering Polytechnic Institute of Surabaya) focusing on subjects on Computer Programming for microcontroller and visual basic programming, and fully funded by the Government of Japan through Japan International Cooperation Agency/JICA and its counterpart in Rwanda, Electronics and Telecommunications Staff of Tumba College Technology.

The sending of expert to Tumba College of Technology hopes to provide the following:

§  Provide knowledge transfer, particularly in the field of programming language materials providing teachers both theory and practice.

§  Provide theoretical and practical guidebook for programming language courses associated with a microcontroller.

§  Provide lecture notes for programming language courses associated with a mocrocontroller.

§  Provide experience in applying the microcontroller application to build a line tracer robot and its programme.


It is recommended that teachers must often practice with existing equipment, and always get used in trying new things in practice, and to devotely prepare themselves before carrying it out in the lab, so they can carry out professional duties properly.




v  Very important to continue the improvement of the practices of the teachers,

v  Make a good presentation and have a good reference book based on both theory and practice,

v  Able to share their time well and prepare teaching materials both theory and practice.



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