Third Country Training Program on Integrated Maternal Neonatal and Child Health Support with MCH Handbook in the Era of Decentrallization
Monday, 26 July 2010 03:07

MCH handbook in Indonesia was introduced in 1994, Starting from one district in the Central Java Province and  gradually expanded to nationwide until it covers all 33 provinces in 2005. In Indonesia, MCH handbook contains two significant figures, they are 1) home-based record covering basic health service record, from pregnancy until child under five years old, and 2) home-based educational material regarding essential information to be known by families for the better status of mother and  child health.

MCH handbook is as a tool to integrate MCH services in Indonesia as stipulated. In Ministry Decree on Mother and Child Health No. 284/Menkes/SK/III/2004, the implementation of MCH handbook is supported by related programs at central until primary healthcare level, local government, professional organization, donor/UN agencies and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).


Technical cooperation in MCH handbook development between Ministry of Health, Republic of Indonesia and JICA was started with the Project for Ensuring Maternal and Child Health Services with the MCH Handbook Phase I (1998 – 2003) focusing  on the desimination of MCH handbook and followed by Phase II (2006 – 2009).


MCH Handbook Project Phase II focuses on the improvement of MCH Handbook functions as a tool for integrating maternal and child health services and strengthening MCH HB functions as a tool for integrating MCH services and a system to sustain MCH services with MCH HB. One of the activities in this project is developing model for better utilization of MCH Handbook and collaboration with another sector.


At this training the participants will learn how to develop collaboration on MCH handbook implementation with another sector such as early child development post and to enhance the collaboration with other stakeholders concerned with mother and child health such as religious leaders. Participants will also learn about the role of local government, community participation, and how to develop the implementation of MCH handbook  in hospitals and private health services.

Therefore, we would like to invite friendly developing countries to participate in our Third Country Training Program (TCTP).  The training will be jointly conducted by the Government of Indonesia and the Government of Japan within the framework of JICA’s Third Country Training Program and attended by participants from Developing Countries in Asia who will share their experiences in implementing MCH handbook implementation with the Indonesian participants.


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