Third Country Training Program on Geoinformation for Decision Support System in Natural Hazard Management
Monday, 26 July 2010 02:35

Indonesia and UNESCAP jointly conducted the Geoinfomation for Decission Support System for Natural Hazard Management from 26 July until 6 August 2010.

Natural disasters are inevitable, and it is almost impossible to fully recoup the damage caused by the disasters. But it is possible to minimize the potential risk by developing disaster early warning strategies, preparing and implementing developmental plans to provide resilience to such disasters, and helping in rehabilitation and post disaster reduction. Analysis of hazard is a complex task, as many factors can play important role in the occurrence of the disastrous event. Therefore, analysis requires a large number of input parameters, and techniques of analysis may be very costly and time consuming.

The increase availability of remote sensing data and rapid development of GIS technology  during the last decades has created opportunities for a more

detailed and rapid analysis of natural hazard. The proper structure of information system for disaster management should be present to tackle the disaster and to manage it. The remote sensing and GIS database can be used to create elaborate and effective decission support tools for  disaster management.

An integrated approach using scientific and technological advances should be adopted to mitigate and to manage natural hazards. Moreover there should be a national policy for natural disaster management.

The government of Indonesia would like to share experiences in the applications of geoinformation for natural hazards management with other developing countries. Sharing knowledge and experiences through a training activities, is believed will more effective to transfer these technologies for practicing in natural disaster management. In reference to the case argued above, The government of Indonesia, would like to conduct a training course on Geoinfomation for Decission Support System for Natural Hazard Management.

The training course is hosted by Indonesian Government as a contribution to the implementation of the Regional Space Application Programme (RESAP) cooperated with UN-ESCAP for more ten years.


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