Workshop on Monitoring and Evaluation of Indonesia’s SSTC 6-7 October 2016 in Bogor
Wednesday, 26 October 2016 06:20

*) Reported by Mukhammad Fahrurozi

Working Group 3 National Coordination Team of South-South Cooperation and Triangular (NCT-SSCT) together with Capacity Development Project, the Government of Japan/JICA is conducting Workshop on Monitoring and Evaluation of Indonesia’s SSTC for members of NCT and certain Ministry/institution. The workshop  is conducted from 6 – 7 October in Bogor.

The guideline on evaluation mechanism for Indonesia’s International Capacity Building was developed by the Government of Indonesia, represented by the Ministry of State Secretariat, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas), and the Ministry of Finance with the support from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in March 2012.

It was highly expected that monitoring and evaluation activities would be conducted in wide range of Indonesia’s SSTC programs with leaderhsip of the National Coordination Team of SSTC (NCT), especially Working Group 3, in accordance with the guideline, and that this would result in the improved quality of each program.  However, the expected effects have not fully come out up to now, in spite that the guideline was disseminated to implementing agencies of SSTC programs through seminars and workshops.



The challenges related to monitoring and evaluation of SSTC programs may include:


  • Internal authorization of the guideline in NCT is not clear (There are some comments that the guideline is too comprehensive and complex).
  • Not all the implementing agencies do apply the guidline for their evaluation.
  • It is even uncertain whether evaluation is conducted or not in all of the programs.
  • The evaluation results are not timely submitted to NCT.
  • There is not a consensus how NCT deal with the submitted evaluation results.
  • The roles and responsibilities of NCT in terms of monitoring and evaluating SSTC programs are not understood in the same manner.

As such, the issues are not solely the contents of the guideline.  Instead, enabling environment in which the guideline is widely and uniformly applied for monitoring and evaluation of Indonesia’s SSTC is necessary to be considered urgently.


The objectives of the Workshop are: (1)  to introduce and review the evaluation guideline for deeper undrstanding, (2) to share the ezperience of actual evaluation which NCT members were engaged, (3) to analyze the current situation of monitoring and evaluation and identify causes of various challenges, (4) to discuss measures to be taken for operationalizing monitoring and evaluation based upon the guideline, (5) to build a concensus about action plans.


Resources persons of the workshop are Mr. Mukhammad Fahrurozi (WG 3 NCT, Ministry of State Secretariat), Dr. Niniek L Gyat (Lecturer of University of Indonesia, Consultant engaged in formulating the evaluation guideline), Dr. Yudho (Arkadia Solution, Consultant engaged in the IT Application Study), Mrs. Umizaki (Chief Advisor and National Coordinator of JICA Project Team. While, the participants is limited from member of NCT-SSCT and certain line ministries such as officials from Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing,  Ministry of Industry and representative of development partners from UNDP, USIP-USAID and JICA.  Total number of the participants is 20 participants.


This workshop does not aim at one way knowledge and information delivery (neither lecture nor seminar).  Rather than that, it would be an opportunity where NCT members will find out feasible solutions which will operationalize NCT (or the Single Agency in the future)-led monitoring and evaluation of SSTC.  Thus, all the participants are strongly encouraged to share their own experiences and actively participate in-group discussion/presentation.  The participants has given 3 topic of discussions  that are (1) challenges and their Causes on M&E guideline (2) Operationalizing M&E (3) What, Where, When, Who and How for Action Plan of M&E.


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