Supporting to Indonesia South-South Cooperation on Data Base Knowledge Management through Synchronize the Report Format
Thursday, 29 March 2018 02:42

On the 2nd day of coordination meeting (Friday 23, 2018), the Bureau of Foreign Technical Cooperation, Ministry of State Secretariat continue discussing on socialization of the South-South Cooperation Program (SSC) Report Format for program and activities’ SSC programs. There were two report formats, namely program report in the implementation of International Training and Indonesian Expert Dispatch.

In the workshop which took place on Thursday, March 22, 2018, the preparation of Guidelines and Monitoring and Evaluation Instruments for Indonesian Experts Dispatch in the framework of SSC has been done. The results of the SSC M & E conducted under this guideline are expected to improve reports’ quality prepared by the implementing K/L. While this report formulation is intended for standardization, hence as a reference for the implementing K/L. The report format itself is the result of two previous workshops held on 23-24 February 2017 in Bandung and 21 July 2017 in Banjarmasin.

This Report Format Socialization was initiated by several things that need to be synchronized. In addition to equate the report writing format, this socialization was held because there are still found the various report forms with different report components which are submitted by the implementing the line Ministries. Doing the report of program activities that is quite time-consuming and activity cost reports that still not listed are also necessary factors for socialization activities.

Presenting as a resource person from the National Coordinating Team of SSCT, Head of Center for Multilateral Policy Development and Development, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Fikry Cassidy said, "SSC program report is needed as an instrument of supporting the preparation of SSC Indonesia database and also submitted, the progress of  SSC Indonesia as a Footprint Record Book preparation".

During dissemination of the discussion on reporting mechanisms on second day, the Bureau provided technical explanation described by Head of SSTC Division, Mukhammad Fahrurozi; Head of SSTC and Triangular Multilateral Sub Division, Yane Widayanti; and Head of SSTC Government of Indonesia and Triangular of America and Europe Sub Division, Bagus Ismujati.

Sharing Session guided by dividing the workshop participants into several groups runs very effectively. The Bureau as Co-Chairs Working Group 3 National Coordination Team of SSC conducted the formulation activities of the SSC Report Format to aim for standard reporting of SSC activities and submit its report into the SSC Activities Database which will eventually be compiled into the Yearly Report SSC Indonesia.

Enhancing Capacity And Awareness of Timor Leste Towards Earthquake and Tsunami Hazards
Monday, 04 December 2017 01:56

As one of the member of National Coordination Team of South-South Cooperation and Triangular Indonesia and as National Focal Point of Technical Cooperation Ministry of State Secretariat in collaboration with Tsunami Disaster Risk Mitigation Center (TDRMC), National Disaster Prevention Agency (BNPB) and National Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) and supported by United States Agency for International Development (USAID) conducted Workshop On Enhancing Capacity And Awareness Of Timor Leste Towards Earthquake and Tsunami Hazards. The workshop to be implemented  from 29 October to 3  November 2017 in Jakarta and in Banda Aceh.

14 (fourteen) Timor-Leste participants attended the workshop who are from officials related  in disaster risk mitigation in Timor-Leste. The opening ceremony was also attended by Mohammad Syarief Alatas, Director of Technical Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ining Maria Nuraini from USAID, Dr. Nazamuddin, Vice Rector of University of Syiah Kuala, Banda Aceh and Rika Kiswardani from Ministry of State Secretariat as coordinator of the workshop. “we would like to say welcome to all of you and; on behalf of the Ministry of State Secretariat for all participants of the Workshop on Enhancing Capacity and Awareness of Timor Leste towards Earthquake and Tsunami Hazards” we would like to congratulate you to be selected and as participant of this workshop”. Said Rika Kiswardani, Head of Bureau for Foreign Technical Cooperation, Ministry of State Secretariat.

Futhermore; Rika explained that the Government of Indonesia has a strong commitment to implement South-South Cooperation in the form of knowledge sharing Indonesia’s experiences. The Implementation of the workshop will be formulated in design project in the field of disaster risk mitigation combines with  TDRMC, BNPB and BMKG’s role respectively.

As part of the commitment on South-South Cooperation and Triangular, the implementation of this workshop also for supporting bilateral commitment/cooperation between Indonesia and Timor-Leste in each institution and for initiating establishment Country Partnership Strategy (CPS) document for Timor-Leste. In her remarks, she conveyed that through this workshop, the participants will gain knowledge and experiences from related Indonesia’s stakeholders in promoting and developing disaster prevention and mitigation program based on community/public awareness.

“we do hope that the participants will enhance their knowledge in term of policy and strategy and each role of related institution in Indonesia in term of management risk mitigation in order to adjust to Timor-Leste condition” said Rika.

The program will combine in class theory and field visit to the related institutions and have an opportunity discussing with disaster management experts.

Before closing her remarks, Rika appreciated to BNPB, BMKG and TDRMC for supporting this workshop and all officials invoved in the workshop. (Fhr-Kabag KTSST) Humas Kemensetneg)

Officials Timor Leste learn ICT from Indonesia
Tuesday, 31 October 2017 21:37

30 government officials of Timor Leste participated in Training in Technology, Information and Communication at Training Centers and the Development of Information and Communication Technology (BPPTIK), Ministry of Technology and Information (KOMINFO), Cikarang. This training was part of a collaboration between the Government of Indonesia (Ministry of Communication and Information Technology,  Institute of Public Administration, and Ministry of State Secretariat) and the Government of Republic of Korea through Korea International Coorporation Agency (KOICA) under the program “IT Capacity Building Training on Government Officials”. All participants from Timor Leste were trained for 5 full days and divided into three classes, namely: Chief Information Officer (CIO) on 7-11 November 2016, and Manager-Project Management dan Operator-IT Essentials on October 31 – November 4 2016. The training was officially opened by Head of Research and Development of Human Resources Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (KOMINFO), Basuki Yusuf Iskandar.



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