Officials Timor Leste learn ICT from Indonesia
Tuesday, 31 October 2017 21:37

30 government officials of Timor Leste participated in Training in Technology, Information and Communication at Training Centers and the Development of Information and Communication Technology (BPPTIK), Ministry of Technology and Information (KOMINFO), Cikarang. This training was part of a collaboration between the Government of Indonesia (Ministry of Communication and Information Technology,  Institute of Public Administration, and Ministry of State Secretariat) and the Government of Republic of Korea through Korea International Coorporation Agency (KOICA) under the program “IT Capacity Building Training on Government Officials”. All participants from Timor Leste were trained for 5 full days and divided into three classes, namely: Chief Information Officer (CIO) on 7-11 November 2016, and Manager-Project Management dan Operator-IT Essentials on October 31 – November 4 2016. The training was officially opened by Head of Research and Development of Human Resources Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (KOMINFO), Basuki Yusuf Iskandar.






Each class was attended by 30 participants: 10 participants from Timor Leste and 20 participants from Indonesia. All instructors came from many sectors such as academic, practitioners, and Indonesian government officials who have expertise in the field of ICT. The program was supported by the Government the Republic of Korea through KOICA grants within the framework of South-South of Cooperation Triangular Cooperation (SSTC) program and by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia in the implementation stage.

At the opening event, Director of Infrastructure and Communication Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Communications of the Republic of Timor Leste, Mr. Celestino S. Nicolau, said that strengthening human resource competence in ICT is necessary for the Timor Leste government officials to make governance effective and efficient. “In fact we have plans to build ICT Development Center in Dili, as data centers and human resources development. I hope that this program can continue to be sustainable so that more Timor Leste government officials will have ICT competence in various fields” he said. Meanwhile, Head of Human Resources Research and Development Agency Ministry of Communications, Basuki Yusuf Iskandar, said that the program is expected to enhance ICT knowledge for participants in the government sector as well as to provide insights  about the importance of ICT. “Through this training, I hope participants can not only gain knowledge but also be the main agents in the strategic role of ICT in their respective institutions”, said Basuki. The training program was conducted at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology BPPTIK in Cikarang, Bekasi.


BPPTIK is a Technical Implementation Unit (UPT) in the Research and Development of Human Resources Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. Inaugurated in 2011, BPPTIK was established by the Government of Republic Korea’s grant to Indonesia. In December 2015, the Human Resources Research and Development BPPTIK through Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, gained accreditation from the Institute of Public Administration (LAN) as the accrediting agency of Technical Training Institute. BPPTIK has organized various trainings and certification of competence in ICT for industrial companies, society, as well for government officials. As a training center, BPPTIK has complete facilities for the implementation of ICT trainings such as computer lab, auditorium, sports center, places of worship, and hostel for trainees and facilitators. (Fachrur-Kabag KTSST)


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