Kick-off Meeting: Publishing an Annual Report of Indonesia South-South Cooperation and Triangular Program 2016
Friday, 28 April 2017 07:59


Bureau for Foreign Technical Cooperation, Ministry of State Secretariat as Co-Chair Working Group 3, National Coordination Team of Indonesia South-South Cooperation and Triangular (NCT Team) conducted Kick-Off Meeting: Publishing an Annual Report of Indonesia South-South Cooperation and Triangular Program 2016 on 12 April 2017 in Bogor, West Java. This Annual Report is compiling all activities and evaluation of Indonesia South-South Cooperation and Triangular Programmes during 2016. The purpose of this is to clear provide and describe on its programmes, achievements, and future of Indonesia SSCT. Attendance of the meeting came from NCT members, line ministries, JICA-Capacity Development Project (CADEP) Team and Consultant AsiaPR Team.


As we are aware that the first publishing of Annual Report starting from year of 2014 in cooperation with the JICA-CADEP Team and in the year of 2015 respectively.  On the 2015 Annual Report publication, we provided the newest design with covering interesting graphic design and printed back to back in Bahasa Indonesia and English as well.

Themes of the Annual Report 2015 such as; New Paradigm in the Development Cooperation, Celebration on Asia African Conference 2015, and recording all SSCT program activities during 2015. Dr. Rizal Sukma, as Ambassador Indonesia to UK and as an actor who gave contribution for writing policy direction on SSCT in 2010 was also gave an opportunity to had overview on Indonesia SSCT.


This publication 2016 was expected in more interesting in term of content and printed as well better rather than previous ones. We would acknowledge highlight program flagship on Indonesia SSCT during 2016. Important content is to come up by interviewing Madame Sri Mulyani Indrawati, Minister of Finance. She would give opportunity to give interesting ideas on new perspective on Indonesia SSCT in the global cooperation arena. Furthermore, we will record on the involvement in the High Level Committee on South-South Cooperation New York on May 2016 and WIFE Summit on August 2016 is also will cover up. The newest idea in the edition is a planning to describe about budget spending during the whole year of 2016. This is as essential to acknowledge how much spending budget as an Indonesia’s commitment to assist on other countries in the context of development cooperation.


Several activities related to initiation establishing on Independence of Indonesia Single Agency of SSCT will be explained on it. We expect that the readers from member of NCT of SSCT, policy makers, academicians, private sectors, development partners of Foreign Cooperation, mass media, and south-south cooperation partners (Fhr)


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