Indian Alumni Day 2017
Friday, 28 April 2017 07:53

On March 16th, 2017, Embassy of India was celebrating the “Indian Alumni Day”. The aim of Indian Alumni Night is to get-together of Indonesian alumni who have availed of the training under Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) Programme and the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) Scholarships. Embassy of India invite Mr. Mukhammad Fahrurozi, Head of Bureau Technical Cooperation – Ministry of State Secretariat to be one of the panelist in Panel Discussion I. The event was initiated by Panel Discussion I and Panel Discussion II which discuss about enhancing skills through ITEC Scheme – A Capacity Building Progamme of the Government of India and India as a Higher Education Destination. Furthermore, Indian Alumni Day continued to valedictory session, cultural performance, presentation by Representative of Indian Alumni Association. Then, address by Ambassador of India, H. E. Mrs. Nengcha Lhouvum.



Panel Discussion I : Enhancing Skills through ITEC Scheme – A Capacity Building Progamme of the Government of India

The panel disscussion I was initated by Mr. Mukhammad Fahrurozi from Ministry of State Secretariat. He conveyed about the mechanism and procedure of shcolarship, requirements for applicants and administrative requirements for endorsement, review of evaluation by relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, benefit and sustainability. Last, Mr. Mukhammad Fahrurozi suggest to Indian Embassy about the possibility for Government of Indonesia to be given specific quota of training programme per year, the possibility for Government of Indonesia to propose tailor mode programme conducted in India, and expect establish more forum to strengthen India-Indonesia friendship between the people.

Then the discussion was continued with the experience sharing of alumni. The first was Mr. Mohammad Yunus as the alumni of ITEC programme 2011. He share his experience on English Proficiency Programme in Hyderabad for three months. He said that it was a very useful experience and He hope that the programme also available for everyone, not only for government approvals. Then, Mr. Irawan Bayu said that the program was very helpful to implement and very useful in the daily routine for participants.

Panel Discussion II : India as a Higher Education Destination

The panel discussion II was initaited by Mr. Abdul Alam Amrullah (MA in English). He said that India has the great quality of University and easier requirement. Moreover, Indian education system are more advanced or one step ahead than Indonesia. Studying in India offer lots of opportunity and the University tuition fee is cheap. Next, an Indonesia Wise from India, Amol Titus talked about 3B (Budaya, Biaya dan Bekerja sama) for India and Indonesia. Then,  Mr. I Made Joni was graduated from Jawaharlal Nehru University. He said that all alumni need to have a close communication and links with other alumni. Furthermore, Hammam from Jawaharlal Nehru University  talede about jokes is the most important in India Education. He explain that certificatres of language ability (english) was not the most important in Inda scholarship. The important thing is how the person can communicate. In addition, India is as same as other Commonwealth Countries, English was the second language in India, so people can get English ambience when living in India.  Last, Panel Discussion II was closed with question and answer.

Finally, The Ambassador of India for Indonesia conveyed about the philosophy of ITEC. He said that India is not a rich country, not a donor country, but India goes one of partnership and sharing, also the freedom of idea and speak for Indonesia. Furthermore, education is almost like a religion to Indian people and education is one of critical pillar for the relationship between Indonesia-India and now it is the time for Indonesia’s young people to think India as education destination. He encourage Indonesia to hand in hand for making it happen. He added more example, such as most respected scholars and researcher of Indonesia are studying in India.


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