Workshop on Report Writing, Bandung 23-24 February 2017
Thursday, 16 March 2017 05:42

As Chair of Working Group III of National Coordination Team of South-South and Triangular Cooperation,  Bureau of Foreign Technical Cooperation, Ministry of State Secretariat  conduct two days workshop on Report Writing  from 23 – 24 February 2017 at Hotel Panghegar, Bandung. The Workshop is jointly conducted between the Ministry of State Secretariat and USAID- through  US – Indonesia Partnership for SSTC Component 1 (USIP 1). This workshop is the first activity under Working Group 3  supported by USAID for strengthening  human resources for officials/staffs related stakeholders who involded in SSTC Indonesia not only for  officials/staffs member of NCT but also for line Ministries.


On the opening ceremony, Ms. Siti Shofia Sudarma, Act Director for Technical Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that  in the form of Foreign politcal issues, the implementation of Indonesia SSTC is one of tool of Indonesia’s diplomacy for strengthening cooperation, solidarity among developing countries  for the purpose of national interest and optimum benefit  as well as sustainable diplomacy.  In addition,  she explained that development of integral data base is needed for capturing total contribution from Indonesia, in the form of subtantial and budgeting for the promotion of Indonesia SSTC.   This workshop is one effort  for making effective and integral report .

Mr. Mukhammad Fahrurozi underlined on general review of the Important of report.  Function of the report was explained in detail; how is the awareness among stakeholders is essential, development of making integral report, maximum result of the program, sistematic format and effective, and in the long term it can be material for making annual report and comprehensive database of Indonesia SSTC.   We have many model of making report, therefore; we shall make standardisation report  that including minimum information such as: background, implementation of the program, evaluation and recommendation and  attachments as well.


As facilitators of the workshop, we invited Mr. Muhammad Bawardadi from National Coordination for Family Planning and Population Board (BKKBN) and Mrs. Enniek Herwiyanti, from Singosari National Artificial Insemination Center (SNAIC), Malang  from the Government perspective. On the other hands, from  private experts, that was, Mr. Aminuddin Abdullah from INDEP who desribed on analytical teory of making report and Mr. Pandu Padmanegara from Communicaption who presented on effective making report from interesting visual and graphic design.


Second day of the workshop, the participants had an opportunity to discuss on  drafting of outline report  both in the form of project  and single activity of  the program (Fhr)



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