The Fourth Stage of the Third Country Training Program Agricultural Engineering and Technology in the Developing Countries (Topic: Post Harvest Engineering and Technology).
Wednesday, 11 September 2002 00:00

The main purpose of the training is to share and disseminate the capabilities on agricultural problem solving methodologies, by planning and increasing the agricultural engineering technology utilization, among participating countries.

The participants are expected in:
1. Understanding the role of agricultural policy and experiences in national economic development;
2. Mastering the post-harvest system and handling methods for agricultural products;
3. Analyzing and identifying the problems in post-harvest handling, and developing an engineering solution;
4. Gaining the knowledge for post-harvest machineries and equipments, and for selecting the appropriate technology;
5. Developing individual plan to implement the knowledge and appropriate technology in own country.

(1) Mr. Kenalokgotha Shi Sebolao (Bostwana), (2). Mr. Daniel Dessalegn (Ethiopia), (3). Mr. Gizachew Deneke Fisseha (Ethiopia), (4). Mr. Peter Ofori-Attah (Ghana), (5). Mr. Charles Wafula Barasa (Kenya), (6). Mr. Samuel Njuguna Ndirangu (Kenya), (7). Mr. Mr. Sebalo Joseph Moeketsi (Lesotho), (8). Mr. Henry Frank Mbeza (Malawi), (9). Mr. Frederick Shinombedi (Namibia), (10). Mr. Rajabu Ngoma Mtunze (Tanzania), (11). Ms. Mmathaha Mosala (South Africa), (12). Mr. John Bosco Kawongolo (Uganda), (13). Mr. Kenneth Chelemu (Zambia), (14). Mr. Risfaheri (Indonesia), (15). Mrs. Shirley E.S. Kawengian (Indonesia).

Persons in charge:
Dr. Ir. Mohammad Azron Dhalhar, MSAE / Dr. Ir. Tineke Mandang, Msi;
JICA-ADAET/CREATA, FATETA IPB, Kampus IPB Darmaga, P.O. Box 220, Bogor 16002, Indonesia. Phone/Fax 62-251-6211887, e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Duration and schedule of implementation:
Four weeks, 16 October ¡V 14 November 2001

Curriculum and Programme;
„X Introduction to Indonesia Agriculture (1st week):
(1) Role of Agriculture in National Economic Development
(2) Indonesian Experiences in Agricultural Development, with Emphasis on Agricultural Engineering
(3) Indonesian Experiences in Agricultural Development, with Emphasis on Agricultural Technology
(4) Role of Farmer Group in Agricultural Development
(5) Distribution System of Agricultural Commodities.

„X Presentation of the Country Reports (1st week)

„X Dissemination and Development of Appropriate Technology (2nd, and 3rd weeks)
(1) Post-harvest Handling of Crop Products
(2) Post-harvest Handling of Estate Crops
(3) Packaging of Fruits, Vegetables and Cut Flowers
(4) Fruit Ripening and Storage
(5) Refrigerated Containers
(6) Post-harvest Handling of Fisheries
(7) Post-harvest Handling of Spices
(8) Post-harvest Handling of Dairy Products
(9) Food Processing Juice, Jam, Chips, Sweetened Fruit, bakery

„X Field visits and Study Tours (4th week)
(1). Surabaya, (2). Yogyakarta, (3). Bandung, (4). Cipanas, (5). Puncak.


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