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Through the Asian African Commemoration 2015, Indonesia with the support of UNDP  and Norway through the project of strengthening Innovative Partnership for development Cooperation (SIP-DC), introduced its featured program in the exhibition of Indonesia's SSTC which was successfully conducted by the national Coordination team along with the ministries and institutions. Indonesia was certain to have a strategic role in leveraging global prosperity and world peace. The national Coordination team saw the importance in utilizing the Asian African Conference Commemoration as the perfect opportunity to improve the visibility of Indonesia's sstC program through the exhibition. The exhibition promoted the theme "Advancing south-south and triangular Cooperation”. The aims of the exhibition were:

1. Promoting Indonesia’s program and capacity in implementing south-south Cooperation for the Asian and African countries

2. Showing Indonesia’s commitment in south-south partnership among Asian African countries

3. Introducing national Coordination team as the gate of Indonesia SSTC for Asian African countries.


The exhibition conducted on 19-23 April 2015 was targeting the participants of the Asian African Conference Commemoration in Jakarta. The participants were shown printed materials (poster, leaflets, and books) as well as multimedia materials with props such as hand tractor, clamshell cutter, hydroponics, batik tools, and artificial insemination tools. These materials were sent and collected by these institutions:

1. Ministry of industry 2. Ministry of Health 3. singosari national Artificial Insemination Centre (SNAIC) 4. Multi Media training Center (MMTC), Ministry of Information and telecommunication 5. Ministry of Public Works and Housing. 6. Ministry of Maritime and Fisheries Affairs 7. National Family Planning Coordinating board (BKKBN) 8. Tsunami Disaster

Management Risk Center (TDMRC) 9. Directorate of Technical Cooperation (KST), Ministry of Foreign Affairs 10. Bureau for Foreign technical Cooperation (KTLN), Ministry of State Secretariat


Overall, the exhibition had delivered its purpose to increase the active role and visibility of Indonesia's south-south Cooperation.



Exhibition materials from those institutions were collected by Working group 3 of the National Coordination team of south-south and triangular Cooperation which was facilitated by its secretariat. the process started with the socialization of exhibition by NCT to the line ministries, coordination of printed promotion materials needed, material inventory and props by Working group 3 and team secretariat, and finally the setting-up of materials at the exhibition hall. NCT itself also developed the materials to promote Indonesia's south-south and triangular Cooperation by producing flyers and video graphics of NCT profile, aside from other knowledge materials and product information previously published. With the good work of  Working group 3, the exhibition went as planned. The materials had successfully grabbed visitor’s attention. NCT noted that the 4 most viewed materials were:

1. Hand tractor

2. History video of Asian African Conference and National Archives of Indonesia

3. NCT video graphic

4. Poster of frozen cement from Singosari National Artificial Insemination Centre (SNAIC)



Indonesia's SSTC was promoted through several channels:

1. Listing of the exhibition on the Agenda of Asian African Conference, at the side events

2. Dissemination advisory media and press release

3. Exhibition Menu Card to be disseminated in the assembly room

4. Exhibition signage


The promotions were highly supported by the strategic positioning of NCT booth, right at the entrance. The booth arrangement was in accordance with the conference theme, integrating knowledge products, props, reception desk, and sitting room for information meeting venue. Indonesia’s commitment and capacity in south-south and triangular Cooperation was also introduced through materials dissemination. Materials about one Village one product (OVOP) was

one of the most popular products, proven by the materials that were mostly wanted by visitors. other programs that caught the visitor’s attention were family planning, artificial insemination training, Indonesia’s Capacity building Program for Pacific, Indonesia’s Contribution for Africa, Video of documentation of TCTP International training on TV documentary Program Production, Video of Project Created by Participants International training on TV documentary Program Production. Many delegations of the conference also visited hand tractor and the batik section at the exhibition. The event was opened by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia,

followed by speech from representatives from 4 line ministries of NCT: Ministry of national development Planning/Bappenas, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of State Secretariat, and Vice Minister of Finance. Several echelon I and II from related ministries and development partners were attending the opening too. During the exhibition, some visitors stated their interest to learn further about the exhibited materials and their probability to buy the equipment. Representative from Solomon Island expressed their interest to purchase the clamshell cutter tool. The hand tractor earn even higher interest from the visitor from Rwanda, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Fiji, and Vanuatu the visitors’ interests were also shown by high level representatives that visit the exhibition booth namely Prime Minister of Rwanda, Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Vice Prime Minister of Qatar, President of Madagascar, Prime Minister of Egypt, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Myanmar, and Head of Councilor Jamaica. Overall, the exhibition had achieved its purpose to increase the active role and visibility of Indonesia south-south Cooperation.



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