Indonesian Experts: Re-active for Farmers’ Agriculture and Rural Training Center (FAR-TC) in Tanzania
Wednesday, 14 December 2011 06:05

Since economic crisis faced by Indonesia,  the Government of Indonesia eased assistance to FARTC (Farmer’s Agriculture and Rural Training Centre (FARTC) in Mkindo, Morogoro, Tanzania since 2004. FARTC was establihed in 1996 as a form assistance from Indonesia to empower agriculture sectors in Tanzania. From last March 2011, the GOI has re-actived FARTC. This request coming from Minister of Agriculture Tanzania during visited to Indonesia and courtessy called on Minister of Agriculture Indonesia in Jakarta 2007. This measures was taken by Indonesia to assist on developing countries under South-South Cooperation and Non-Aligned Movement which was purpose for collective self-reliance.

During 11 to 15 January 2010, the Government of Indonesia done assesment for revitalization FARTC to Tanzania consisted of delegation from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of State Secretariat, Non Aligned Movement Center for South-South Cooperation/NAM CSSTC and Indonesian Farmers Charity Foundation/Yayasan Amal Petani Indonesia (YAMPI). As implementation of the assessment  revitalisation of FARTC in Tanzania, Ministry of Foreign Affairas in connection with Agriculture Training  Agency, Ministry of Agriculture has dispatched one Indonesian expert  in Agriculture sectors and one farmer to Tanzania, namely Dr. Ir Lahadassy Jusuf, MS  from Agricultural extension Institution, Gowa south Sulawesi  and one farmer is Solihin Zakaria from YAMPI.   Their activities has been implemented from 10 March to 17 June 2011 (90 days).


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