Strengthening of the Artificial Insemination as the Tool to Achieve Food Security in the Republic Democratic of Timor Leste
Tuesday, 13 December 2016 08:14

Translated by Fatah Kurniawan

the Government of the Republic of Indonesia and and the Government of the Republic Democratic of Timor-Leste has a dynamic  relationship, it’s seen by their own history. Timor Leste was part of Indonesia from 1975 until 2002. Timor-Leste declaired their independence on 2002 because, the conflict in Timor-Leste that has been long time not cleared but, after UN (United Nation) through Peacekeeping Forces or “Blue Berets” landed in Timor Leste and helps Timor Leste to supporting the transition  process and restoration independence. But, nowday’s the condition between Indonesia and Timor-Leste has a goodwill to building a good relationship. The implementation  of goodwill from Indonesia its’s seen by President of Indonesia commitment; Closeness history, Plans become a member in ASEAN, Developing on economic cooperation as a consideration and also it was written on RPJMN 2015-2019 Chapter IV Book 1 and Chapter V Book 2 and NAWACITA No.1 and also NAWACITA No.6.



The background of this program was triggered by Mr. Joko Widodo as President of Republic of Indonesia to providing capacity building to pacific island countries and Timor-Leste. In the amount of 6$ billion dollars for 3 years (2014-2016). Ministry of State Secretariat and Ministry of Agriculture has the same opinion according to how importance to support president commitment. The objective is to supported improving food security in Timor Leste. Finally, Ministry of State Secretariat and Ministry of Agriculture consensus to cooperate in implementing Training Program on Artificial Insemination in Timor-Leste for cattle product. Insemination is a program to increasing cattle product quickly. As knows Timor Leste as agriculture country, sub sector of cattle has an importance role in economic sector of Timor-Leste. Indonesia as middle income country required to be more active in providing assistance to developing countries. In this case to developing Human Resources  in Timor Leste, the Govenrment Indonesia through BBIB Singosari give their knowledge and training, here’s some little explanation of Center for Artificial Insemination (BBIB) Singosari as technical Implementation Unit (UPT) Directorate General of Livestock and Animal Health in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Agriculture 40 / Permentan / OT.140 / 6/2012, dated June 5, 2012.

The previous program on 2007-2012 Indonesia  has Third Country Training Program on Artificial Insemination for Dairy Cattle, triangular cooperation between Government of Indonesia and Government of Japan through JICA and Multi-countries training program: Palestina, ASEAN countries, Pacific Countries included Timor-Leste that was the beginning of started this program to strengthening Artificial Insemination on Cattle to Achieve Food Security in The Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste, since 2007-2015 BBIB Singosari has trained 29 particpipants from Timor Leste. On March 2016, Timor Leste has received 4 expertise, tools and frozen semen for 200 cows AI. Indonesia and Timor Leste has been implemented lust snapping and AI in 2 distric, Bobonaro and Covalima. In Bobonaro 350 cows has been selected and in Covalima 118 cows has been selected all of this cows owned by livestock farmers. On November 2016 gained assistance of 2 expertise for monitoring and evaluation of AI. There are reported,  > 30% positive pregnant cows, cow cattle and predicted it will give birth in late December 2016 or early January 2017. According to the plan, in February 2017  experts has got make assistance seeing  the results of IB (harvest time cattle). However, hopefully assistension of expertice needed before February actually on December 2016 until January 2017 in case of handling of birth, it is because of the lack of experts, medical workers and facilities to do the job in question.

There is some obstacles from Timor-Leste side like; Lack of expert (Inseminator, Experts of PKB, Experts of handling of Birth and Experts of Monitoring and AI Program Evaluation), Lack of Budgeting, Facility of AI. The inadequacy of breeding stock (cattle) the female which is ready to receive AI. Lack of understanding of livestock farmers of benefit AI. Rearing cattle are still extensively (traditional). Means of transport and access road terrain inadequate.

The Next step to keep this program sustainable, Government of Indonesia initiatived to developing future cooporation on AI and expand to capacity other sector of capacity building. Here’s some several activities to suport the program : Improving capacity building of AI officer (Inseminator, PKB, ATR) and Recorder with trainings AI at BBIB Singosari, Sending experts of AI to Timor-Leste, Management and treatment of HPT, Animal health and management of livestock, Purchasing frozen semen of BBIB Singosari, Cooperation of provision of facilities and equipment AI. On other’s sector Government of Indonesia planing to Improving on other sector of capacity building likely on, Infrastructure, Agriculture, Community Empowerment, Economic Management (Macro,Micro, Small Business, Small Industries), etc. And Also in trading cooperation such as, buying and selling of farm products, agriculture, etc.



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